In math this week we began adding and subtracting with decimals. Many students were familiar with these skill, because they mimic adding and subtracting money. They enjoyed the ease of this skill, and showed strong mastery. They do need to continue practicing showing their work while adding and subtracting, and they need to practice subtracting with zeroes. We began multiplying decimals as well. They learned how to multiply decimals using a place value chart and using area model method (box method). They also began multiplying using estimation. Next week we will be introducing dividing decimals using a place value chart, and begin multiplying and dividing decimals using standard algorithm (the method we all know). I know some of these methods are not familiar to you, and please be patient and understanding, these really do work better for some students.

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In science we began our short review unit on rocks and minerals. Students were able to see and touch different mineral samples, and we reviewed how the three types of rocks are formed. Next week students will participate in a lab where they will have to identify different rocks, and I think they will really enjoy it. We will also be taking an open note quiz on rocks and minerals on Friday, September 15th. As always, if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me.


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